McCaffrey missing for 6 months

Gayle McCaffrey

By Lia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Six months have passed since Gayle McCaffrey went missing.

At the Citadel Tuesday, co-worker James Grigg remembered McCaffrey, whose position has not yet been filled.

"It's been kind of surreal having an employee you see on a Friday, hoping she has a good weekend and Monday morning she's disappeared," he said.

McCaffrey was reported missing March 18. While many searches have been conducted, investigators have come up empty-handed.

In May, Charleston County Sheriff's office named her husband, Robert McCaffrey, a suspect in her disappearance and called the case a homicide.

Grigg says he knows Gayle well, and she was not one to miss work.

"She was always the first one at the office. No matter what time you arrived Gayle was sitting at her desk," he said.

The military college says just recently they began reviewing applications to fill McCaffrey's position, but only with the family's consent.

For Grigg, he says even though they are trying to bring closure, he still holds hope that she's alive.

"I'm really hoping tomorrow she'll walk in the door and we'll give her a big hug and she'll go back to work."

Last month, the Community United Effort (CUE), Center for Missing Persons announced they would assist in an upcoming search.

The search has been scheduled for October.