McCaffrey questioning unproductive, say deputies

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- For several hours on Saturday, Robert McCaffrey was questioned by deputies about discrepancies in his story and their investigation into his missing wife. They said the interrogation was unproductive, and his attorney cut the questioning short.

Charged with obstruction of justice McCaffrey left the Charleston County jail, hours after bond court. A spokesperson says he hasn't spoken to detectives since 2012.

"He gave his initial statement. We made several attempts for him to come in for another interview. He refused to do so. So we had to rely on what he gave us. What he gave us was lies," says Maj. Eric Watson with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.

He says in the last few months detectives have reviewed the case in its entirety.

"With him not cooperating, yes it does hinder the investigation somewhat. The fact that he misled us during the course of this investigation is one reason why we drew the charges on him," said Watson.

Watson says the affidavit points out several inconsistencies in McCaffrey's version of what happened that St. Patrick's Day, including what his wife was doing, where he was going in the Upstate and any evidence of a 350-pound safe full of cash and a gun.

Bob McCaffrey says Gayle took the safe with her when she left.

"He still has to answer to those questions; he still has to answer to the affidavit itself," said Watson.

Gayle McCaffrey's disappearance also left the congregation of First Baptist Church with unanswered questions. Gayle McCaffrey was a member and sang in the choir. They've prayed for the last two years for anyone with information to come forward.

"It's our hope that Bob would be forthcoming with as much information as he has to help resolve this case. So we hope that, that's what happens for Bob," said Pastor Marshall Blalock.

Blalock says they hold no ill will towards Bob McCaffrey. He hopes this charge will help detectives find the missing woman.

"There's no good solution for this now. But we do hope that this will lead to some resolution that helps everybody, to know exactly what's happening," said Blalock.

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