McCaffrey search continues in the upstate near Easley

By Ava

EASLEY, S.C. (WCIV) - As the search party moves out, the first upstate search for McCaffrey continues eight months after she went missing.

"We got a lot of water out here. We've got some ravines, steep hills, a lot of sink holes and thicket pines with under brush," says Monica Caison, executive director of the CUE center for missing persons.

Caison says the farm right outside Traveler's Rest is on a checklist for the Charleston County Sheriffs department. Sheriff Al Cannon calls McCaffery's husband Robert McCaffrey is a suspect in her disappearance. According to incident reports Robert McCaffery was given a speeding ticket in Travelers rest, the morning he reported his wife missing.

Caison says there are about 75 trained volunteers, with 13 K-9 units and a dozen horses looking for evidence.

"We're hoping the line as they are doing a grid - if they can find any evidence that maybe have been missed.{} Any sinkholes they think need to be discovered or looked into a little bit more. Any kind of fresh dirt or what not," says Caison.

Caison says when this search is over they will continue to evaluate other areas for future searches.

"I'm sure there will be other areas because, until Gayle is found, we're going to continue to assist law enforcement, as well as the family, trying to bring resolution," says Caison.