McCaffrey's sister says brother-in-law has moved on

By Lia

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The sister of Gayle McCaffrey says her brother-in-law has moved on with his life with a new woman in North Carolina.

"He was working at my aunt's house when all this happened up in Brevard, North Carolina," Helen Banach said. "He was supposed to be done two weeks later, but he dragged it out this long, so he has a place to stay. He's sort of built his own little life up there."

According to Banach, Robert has brought the woman around the family there. She's suspicious of how quickly he moved on from her sister without any closure.

"Evidently he got a new girlfriend and he is being very open about the relationship, not trying to hide it or anything. He seems to have moved on fairly well."

Investigators have named Robert a suspect in Gayle's disappearance, but he has yet to be arrested or charged.

ABC News 4 reached out to Robert's attorney Thursday, but did not hear back. There was also no one home at the McCaffrey's West Ashley home.

Banach says she feels angry about the entire situation, knowing the two children don't have a mother, and their father is carrying on elsewhere.

"They're starting to realize this is not a vacation. They want to know why they can't go home and why they can't see their mom, and we don't have an answer for them," she said.

Banach says she isn't going to lose hope and has plans to work with Community United Effort organization, which helps families find a missing person through searches.

"Somebody has to have seen something. My sister was a very sweet person, and she doesn't deserve to be forgotten -- and she doesn't deserve to be neglected."