McGrew family member says boy is fine after dog bite

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Chantel McGrew told ABC News 4 to talk to attorney Andy Savage for any comment on a recent dog bite incident involving her 3-year-old son.

McGrew and her husband Quintin have not been charged, but both the Department of Social Services and the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office are investigating the incident.{}

"As I understand it, the child was sleeping and fell off the bed and fell on to the dog which was sleeping on the floor and the reaction of the dog was what caused the bite," said Laura McGrew, Quintin's step mother.

Laura McGrew says she did not see the dog bite the child.

According to the incident report filed on Jan. 3, the 3-year-old had significant injury to his face, including a puncture wound on his right cheek and to the left side of his nose.

"He was just an older dog and I believe he was startled; it was a bad situation," said Laura McGrew, who added the boy bounced back quickly from the injury.

"We did take him to the doctor on Friday just to make sure and they gave him some cream for his wounds, which are healing just fine," said Laura McGrew.

She says the yellow lab named Lucky is now living with family friends.

"That dog has been removed from the home. It's not in a home with any children anymore, but our dog that was living in the home when that one was brought in is still here. He is innocent;he has not done anything," said McGrew.

Reaper, the family's pit bull mix, and another small dog still live at the home with the McGrew family.

The McGrew's attorney has not returned calls for comment.