McGuiness makes some MLB memories over weekend

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- It was certainly a weekend to remember for James Island native and former Citadel Bulldog Chris McGuiness.{}

He made his Major League Baseball debut and picked up his first professional hit, two things he will never forget. His family will never forget them either, now that they are back home in the Lowcountry coming back to reality.{}

"I saw his name on the Jumbotron. It was phenomenal; it was an awesome experience," said his mom Anna McGuiness.{}

The memories started late last week. Chris McGuiness, at AAA Round Rock, called his parents for his usual evening chat. A bit later on, he called home again.{}

"I had already talked to him that night. He called later on. I was a bit concerned because he was calling late. He said, 'Mom.'{} I said, 'Hey bud, what's up?'{} He said, 'Well' I said, 'Chris, did you get called up?'{} He said, 'Yes ma'am. Tell Dad to get on the phone.' My husband got on the phone, and he said to pack your bags, 'You're coming with me to Canada,'" his mom said.{}

The next day McGuiness' mom, dad and fiance were on their way to Toronto.{}

He didn't play in his first Major League game in Boston, but they got to see his debut in Toronto on Friday night. The family enjoyed the games on Friday and Saturday night before having to leave just after first pitch on Sunday.{}

"Our flight was at 3:50 p.m. We had to get through customs. We saw him warm up and his first at bat.{} His second at bat we were at customs. His fiance saw the RBI double on her phone. We were jumping on the line. His next at bat, a single, we saw at the restaurant in the airport," said Anna McGuiness.{}

Across town on James IslandMonday , Chris McGuiness' high school coach Tom Hatley was busy holding the same camp the pro baller attended for a decade as a child.{}

"I was full of pride for him like a father," said Hatley. "You just smile, look at every news clip and everything. I already purchased a jersey from MLB. It's Texas Rangers #21, we'll hang it in the trophy case at school."

A weekend full of memories ended with a memory that Chris McGuiness will remember and taste for a time to come. During his postgame interview with the Rangers Television Network, Elvis Andrus gave McGuiness a shaving cream pie in the face.{}

"It was nice to see him smile like that. It's a great smile. Getting the pie in the face is a rite of passage. Just to see him in that park, knowing he was here in this place, it makes you very proud for him and his family," said Hatley.

Anna McGuiness adds, "We're so happy. This is a dream, coming up, this is what he did. We said chase that dream, don't give up. Go one day at a time. We're so blessed he reached his dream."{}

Life is getting back to normal for the McGuiness family, but a weekend in Toronto, it was anything but normal.{}