ABCNews4 interns learn ropes of daily news operation

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- They're both sharp young women who say they want to change the world. The ABCNews4 internship program is here to help them on that path.

Meet ABCNews4's summer interns -- Samantha German and Kelsi Childress.

German is a Mount Pleasant native who graduated from Porter Gaud. She is a rising senior at the University of Georgia and approaches her days in the ABCNews4 newsroom with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. German says she grew up watching ABCNews4 and likes interning for her local station.

"It's really interesting being in the field," German said. "You never know what to expect. It's never boring. I like getting out and meeting new people and telling their stories."

German says she was most interested in reporting when she started the internship. But, now she's getting a taste of a lot of the other newsroom positions and she is not so sure anymore.

Childress is a Hanahan native who graduated from Hanahan High School. She is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina. She embraces the challenges of every position to which she's assigned.

Both German and Childress are assigned a person with whom they spend their days. That may be a reporter, photographer, producer, director or any other number of positions that make this station run. They work full nine-hour shifts with the crew to which they're assigned.

"I've been grateful I can experience different positions here and learn everything. I was set on wanting to be a reporter but it's good to see other sides and positions," German said.

Childress entered the internship with an interest in pursuing sports reporting. She spent a Saturday with Scott Eisberg, but, like German, also has spent time with an array of staff members.

One of the places where Childress has spent the most time is with the Lowcountry Live! producers. Lowcountry Live is ABCNews4's news, lifestyle and entertainment show that airs every weekday at 10 a.m. The experience opened her eyes to the prospects of working in entertainment news and as a producer, she said.

"I've always wanted to do sports, but now that I'm here I've enjoyed the entertainment and hard news," Childress said.

She also says she's learning the intangibles involved in news. Those of us who work in the field know there's certainly an "art" to getting an interview.

Childress has seen that firsthand.

"Talking to family members who have been through a hard time; you have to help them deal with a hard time but get information you need. You have to have a caring aspect toward the journalism and know how to work with people in different situations," she said.

Childress also has learned about the risks involved in what journalists put on the air.

"You have to be really cautious about information," she said. "Make sure it's confirmed before you say anything on air."

German has already started her journalism experience at UGA. For her broadcast class, she recently interviewed an international student about her struggles and prejudices she faces at school.

"I want to share people's stories, real people's stories for a greater impact and to open people's minds," she said.

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