10-year-old fights brain cancer with community support

(Rebecca Lamb(WCIV)

By Stacy

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Today, Megan Burns is a regular student.

You'd never know she spends every third weekend at the hospital, where she undergoes chemotherapy.

"Recovery has been a long process, a long, hard road. She's on the right road right now, thank God for that," her mother, Irene Burns, said.

Doctors diagnosed Megan with brain cancer in October 2011. But those who know her best say treatment hasn't weakened her spirit.

"She's a fighter. I'm telling you, after brain surgery and a host of other surgeries, she's a fighter," Burns{}said.

"She wants to succeed and move forward. She's not letting this put her down. She communicates as best she can. But, she is always laughing and enjoying everything she can," said Christy Crawford, who teaches Megan at Belle Hall Elementary.

Last year, Megan's family found out her home wasn't fit for recovery from brain cancer treatment. So, Crawford organized a fund called{}"Mission for Megan."

Crawford does not know exactly how much the effort has raised, but she does know{}it was enough to buy the Burns family a new house.

Irene Burns said the new home has been a life-changer.

"She's in therapy rehab, that type of stuff, learning to walk and talk again. So, being around family its going to make a world of difference," she said.

"They were dealt a tough blow that nobody should have to go through. So, the community got together and this is what they have," Crawford said.

Burns expected Megan to walk again by next year. But until then, Megan is sticking with school and wearing a smile.

"She inspires everybody. you look at her trying to walk and be a student. Think about what that takes every day. It doesn't worry her. She's just happy. Because this is her other family," Crawford said.

Mission for Megan still needs more money for improvement on the Burns family home, Crawford said. You can make a donation at any First Federal branch.