Melanie Capobianco's statement

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. -- We come before you all today as parents, to simply ask those who stand with the authority to enforce the laws, where are you? Why are you standing by and watching our daughter Veronica be held against our will? Why have you been so slow to recover a child who is being illegally held against the wishes of her parents and the courts? What are you waiting for?

With every passing hour, we fear more and more for her safety and well-being. Veronica's court-appointed representative, her Guardian ad Litem, also fears for her safety. If anything should happen to our daughter while she is being left in the hands of those who hold her captive from us, the responsibility will be shared by many.

We were praying for a child to love and raise when Christy came into our lives and selected us to be the parents to her daughter.

We thanked God each night as we tucked Veronica into bed from the time she was 2 days old right up until the night they took her away from us, when she was nearly 2-and-a-half years old.

We prayed the courts would do the right thing, and they did.

Now we pray that those who are holding Veronica will do the right thing and send Veronica home to us, please.