Folly business recalls Memorial Days over generations

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) - Mr. John's Beach Store has been a Folly Beach staple for more than six decades, but it wasn't always a place for souvenirs.

"My mom was a pharmacist. We had a pharmacy in the back corner; there was a back fountain in the back. They took it out in '65 and pretty much the store was like this," Paul Chrysostom said.

Chrysostom kept the doors open after his father died in 1989. With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, he remembers a time when business depended on it.

"When my father had it, there was a real strict Memorial Day to Labor Day. There wasn't real business year round he used to do bookkeeping in the off season," he said.

The business has stayed its course and has brought in more than an income for this businessman.

"Working anywhere there are some days that can be tough but there are some days where I will say this is why we do it," he said. "Because I'll have a family that comes in that's from Indiana and literally be four generations. You will have grandmother who came here as a little child. I've seen a lot of them grow up."

Connie Richardson was in the shop Wednesday afternoon. She is in town from Iowa and always makes a visit this time of year to Folly.

"I was raised in California and it feels like the beach cities of the 50s and 60s because there is not a lot of chain stores chain restaurants. It is very homey, very quaint," she said.

It's that nostalgia that makes the edge of America a sought out destination, with businesses like Mr. John's ready to welcome them into town.