Fire victims pick up pieces, find new homes

By Gregory Woods

NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) -- After a North Charleston home for men rebuilding their lives caught on fire early Friday morning, it left seven men without a place to live, and only one place to turn their church.

The home was managed by Celebration Station Inner City Ministries, and Johnapher Golden was one of the first people to arrive at their morning service on Sunday.

He was one of the men in the house when it went up in flames; he was able to find himself a new place of his own, but says he still can't believe he is alive and needed prayer.

"I thank God that he recovered me and I'm still here alive," said Golden. "We all should be grateful to God that none of us perished in that fire. That was a bad fire, I mean the whole roof collapsed, you know, everybody lost everything."

One of those men was Douglas Pressley, who hasn't found his own place yet, but is living with family.

He says he knows God will make a way to get him back on his feet.

"I believe in God. Everything is going to be fine; we got to forget about the old. We about to start a new year. All that stuff is behind us now, we just got to go on, keep our heads up and move on," said Pressley.

Pastor Glenn Gilbert worked with the seven men in the house daily. He says the incident is nothing more than a sign that God is about to manifest his glory.

"Of course It wasn't a good thing that happened," said Gilbert. "But I can look at it and I can look to God and say I trust you to restore everything back as a testimony of your work in our lives."

In the meantime, Pastor Gilbert says he'll look to scripture and prayer for answers about how to move forward rebuilding the ministry for men in need.

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