Messy mattress house: Smell getting worse, still no cause in fire

WANDO, S.C. (WCIV) --{} More than two weeks ago, an overnight fire destroyed a trailer surrounded in old mattresses. Tuesday, the debris was still there, and neighbors said the smell was getting worse.

"My window is up when I go by there," said Mary Mizzell, a neighbor. "I don't even walk the road down there. Definitely won't, because of my health issues. My husband won't even let me go that way."

On Oct. 5, the trailer caught fire. Fire officials call the blaze very unusual.

Since then, the junk hasn't been removed. There are charred mattress springs and old appliances still sitting on the property.

Berkeley County officials say the land and the trailer are owned by two different people. And to make matters more confusing, it's the renter who was given more than a thousand-dollar fine by the Berkeley County Building and Codes Department.

Still the consensus among neighbors is the same.

"You need to treat your neighbors the right way," said Mizzell. "Clean it up. And think about the little ones."

Berkeley County officials say even though the house is inhabitable, the renter is still responsible for clean up and the fines.

Fire officials say their investigation is ongoing. For now, they are not considering arson.{}

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