Middleton's first lamb of the season gets a new name

Leon the Lamb (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Middleton Place's first lamb of the year has officially been named.

Afterhundreds of suggestions and a weekend of online voting, the new lamb is now named "Leon," which is Noel spelled backwards. The name got the most votes during a 54-hour poll.

Staff asked the public for a name that was masculine (since Leon is a ram)and tied to a winter theme to match his mother's name, Winter, andgrandmother's name, Noel.

More than 400 names were suggested over the fourdays of the contest.

Suggestednames ranged from the secular (Easton, Izard, Ramses) to the religious(Nicholas, Gabriel, Tomasso) to the weather-related (Frosty, Snowball,Blizzard) to the humorous (Hunychild, Rambo, Rama Lamba Ding Dong).

TheName the Lamb Contest was made up of two parts. Lisa Stadtmuellerof Wisconsin won the first round by a random drawing from name submissions towin two passes for free admission to Middleton Place. Brian Haas of Summervillewas picked at random from the pool of people voting to also win two passes forfree admission to Middleton Place.

"Wehad great participation in this week-long contest, and are very thankful forall the submissions received," said Warren Cobb, Middleton Place Director ofMarketing. "We look forward to continuing this contest each year."