Military mom provides support to others

By Lia

JOINT BASE CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - May is National Military Appreciation Month. It is a time to honor those who serve on the front line and the families back at the home front.

Ainsley and Senior Airman Bryan Queen moved to Joint Base three years ago with their three kids. They also have taken in their two nieces.

The Queen household is always on the go with five kids running around. Queen knows how much easier it is to have her husband of seven years home with her to help out. But when he is not, she knows she has a support system thanks to a Key Spouse Program.

"Here at home when your spouse is gone -- it's hard at times. You have a family you a have a life here," she said. "Having a key spouse is someone you can contact and feel comfortable with."

When they arrived, the key spouse position was in transition. Queen quickly jumped to bat and got others on board.

"This is what God calls us to do -- is to take care of each other and that's our purpose here," she said. "If I can make one spouse feel better while her spouse or his spouse is deployed then I accomplished a lot."

This month she was recognized for her work and received a trophy at a ceremony.

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