Million-dollar pool for nonprofits on Day of Giving

By Gregory

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- A nationwide movement has made its way to the Lowcountry. The Day of Giving is a day to financially support local nonprofits.

At the Center for Women they are gearing up for the day.

Their goal is to raise $24,000 in 24 hours. The money raised will be used to fund their programs for women.

"I hear so many stories firsthand about how the effects the programs and the services here have had on them and their lives to make things better and I'm just excited to carry on that mission," said Amy Brennan, the executive director of the center.

The South Carolina Aquarium is a part of the Day of Giving as well.

From 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. Monday, they waived admission but accepted donations. The money raised will fund the aquarium's educational programs.

"Our goal is that we hope people who are attracted to wildlife conservation and education and science education will find this a wonderful opportunity to give, and find that their gift is multiplied thanks to the generosity of other givers in this community," said Kevin Mills, the president of the South Carolina Aquarium.

The Day of Giving is all thanks to the Coastal Community Foundations, a nonprofit celebrating its 40th anniversary. The organization is taking the money donated to its nonprofit and dividing it up with the 94 area nonprofits participating on Tuesday.

"The Zucker family has stepped forward and said, 'We'll challenge the community by putting a million dollars on the table,' and saying, 'You tell us how to divide it up,'" said George Stevens, President of the Coastal Community Foundations. "The way you tell them how to divide it up is by making a donation on the Lowcountry Giving Day. The organization that gets the most gifts will get a bigger fraction of that million dollar pool."

The Day of Giving begins at midnight.{}Click here to donate.

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