Missing children center says 2 women fit baby snatcher profile

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The names of two women who were reportedly acting strangely outside of a local hospital this week have been passed along to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The director of the center, John Raburn, says the two women fit the profiles of alleged baby snatchers.

Fortunately, no crimes were committed in Charleston, but employees at Roper St. Francis in downtown Charleston did not take any chances when they brought attention to the two women.

Police say Shavonda Hinson and Kim Alston repeated the same act at hospital after hospital after pregnancy tests came back negative.

Raburn says the two fit the profile for likely baby snatchers. He said the typical offender is a woman, slightly overweight, wears maternity clothes and tells people they are pregnant.

However, he said it's rare for two women to work together.

"The good news here in this case, in my view, is jeepers, the staff in those hospitals were on it. They recognized what was possible in front of them; they dealt with it. They involved Charleston police force," Raburn said.

Raburn said the center gets about a dozen calls every week from other hospitals and agencies describing strange activity, but adds most are slow to act. Usually the hospitals don't post alerts until the center advises it, he said.

A spokesperson from Roper St. Francis said due to federal laws and the sensitive nature of the issue, they cannot provide more information about the incident, but did add that administrators are pleased that the hospital's security training and systems were effective.