Missing woman's family asks for help

Marjorie Gayle McCaffrey (Provided)

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Debbie Pearson was granted custody of her sister's children last week while her sister remains missing and investigators continue their search. Wednesday, the family started reaching out for help from the community as they care for the children of Marjorie Gayle McCaffrey.

Gayle McCaffrey's other sister, Helen Banach , has set up a fund where people can contribute to the family.

"So many people have reached out wanting to help," Banach said. "There are so many little things they (the kids) need."

Donations can be made to any Wells Fargo bank under the account name, "Gayle McCaffrey Children's Fund."

"This money is not for attorney's fees or rewards," Banach said. "This money is for the basics for the kids -- summer camp, school lunch."

Banach says she wants to thank people in advance and says the children, ages four and 10 are doing okay.

Their mother, Gayle, was recently reported missing by her husband Robert McCaffrey. While Charleston County Sheriff's investigators have not named the missing woman's husband a person of interest, they took the children into protective custody.

Last week, a family court judge granted custody to Gayle's sister Debbie and allowed supervised visitations for Robert McCaffrey at the Lowcountry Children's Center.

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