Mixson neighborhood mixes up North Charleston

By Stefanie

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Under the moss of old oak trees sits a new and colorful neighborhood development. It's called Mixson - and it promises to add a mix of new residents to North Charleston with nearly 300 apartments opening in the Fall.

"We are not targeting a demographic, we are targeting a lifestyle," said Harvey Wadsworth, Vice President of Development at Jamestown Properties, the developers of Mixson. "It's a walkable, sustainable neighborhood where people prefer to spend less time in cars and more time walking and less time in their houses and more time in the community."

A rough economy put the brakes on the development of Mixson back in 2007. With 18 homes now in place, Mixson is back up and running on its 44-acre tract of land off East Montague Boulevard.

"We chose this area because we feel this is where the growth is coming and we believe the growth will chase the jobs and the jobs are here," Wadsworth said. "It is only a matter of time. We see it today, this area is rapidly improving and changing and we feel strongly about it."

In early July, Mixson opened a new public Mexican restaurant, Basico, and a private Bath and Racquet Club with an application process in hopes of attracting more people.

"So far we think it has been well-received. I think anytime there's change some people object to change and we run into that everywhere we go," Wadsworth said.

Change is something the notoriously tight-knit community of Park Circle is learning to face. Long-time Park Circle business owner Scott Cloud of 'The Barbeque Joint' said Mixson adds a different flavor to the down home area.

"There is a mixed vibe; there are some people that are really happy about it and there are some people where they don't want any change to happen," Park Circle resident Scott Cloud said. "Anytime you do anything new you are going to have people for it and against it."

"I wish them the best I want them to be successful because it's a lot better having a development there that is bringing in people versus an empty vacant plot of land," Cloud said.