MMA fighter's final interview released

By Nikki

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)About an hour before what would be Tyrone Mims' final fight he did an interview with a TV production company called Reflecting Pool Productions.

The interview was shot for a reality show pilot called 'Georgia Boy's Grits-N-Glory.' In the interview, Tyrone appeared fine and eager to get into the ring.

"I got my moms and them down here. They're supporting me. I got a lot of people from Augusta, they gonna support me," he said in the interview.

Tyrone would go head-to-head with fellow fighter, Blake Poore--who also attends the Citadel.

The mixed martial arts fight, called "Fight Night at the Point 6" was held by Conflict MMA Promotions and took place at the Omar Shrine Center at Patriots Point.

"I don't underestimate nobody-so therefore; I'm going to say he's a good fighter just like me. I hope he don't underestimate me," said Mims.

During the interview Tyrone was asked about his game plan for in the ring in which he replied, "I like to bang, man, you know. I don't really have a game plan until I go in there and figure them all out."

For three months, Tyrone aggressively trained at "The Augusta Fight Club" in Georgia appearing not only physically fit but in excellent health.

He was taking part in the eighth pilot episode for the reality show when he eventually collapsed.

He later died at the hospital with friends and family now left to ponder 'how and why.'

According to the MMA website, Tyrone is the second MMA fighter to die in South Carolina. He leaves behind five small children.

The production company is collecting donations to help Tyrone's family pay for the funeral.