Mom: 'He took my life'

By Nikki Gaskins

SANGAREE, S.C. (WCIV) A mother's heart is broken in two after losing her daughter and granddaughter in what deputies are calling an act of domestic violence.

Deputies say 26-year-old Ashley Kaney and her daughter, 8-year-old Riley Burdock, were murdered by her boyfriend, Jacob Philip. Investigators say he confessed to the crime after he was arrested in Virginia Beach, Va. He is now awaiting extradition back to Berkeley County.

"He took my life," said Katherine Kaney.

Kaney says she feels as though she's living in a nightmare, waiting any day now to wake up and life will go back to normal. Instead, she will soon face the difficult task of burying the two most important people in her life.

"A year and a half ago, I buried her father, and now I'm burying her and my grandbaby," said Kaney as she fought back tears.

Kaney says she new something was wrong after she hadn't heard from her daughter all weekend. By Monday morning, she feared the worst and went into action.

"I called police. I called everybody from midnight to 7 a.m. I called the school; however, they wouldn't even let me know if my grandbaby had been at school or not because of privacy laws," she said.

Kaney says she eventually drove to Summerville and filed a missing persons report with the sheriff's office. Now Kaney is filled with an array of emotions, ranging from sorrow to rage.

"Nobody has thought about what's been lost: an 8-year-old child that will never know what it's like to grow up and a 26-year old-girl that did nothing but work and go to school and be a single mom. I'm very angry," said Kaney.

Kaney says her daughter moved to the Lowcountry 18 months ago from Aiken to get a fresh start on life and move on from her relationship with the father of her daughter.

"The baby's daddy still loves her, and she could not have a life with him here in Aiken," said Kaney.

She went on to add that her daughter moved to the Charleston area in order to "help him move on." Kaney said her young daughter became a better person after the birth of her daughter and loved being a mom.

"It made her a much better person. It was like she just changed the minute that baby came," said Kaney. "She was full of life, full of energy and believed everybody was good until proven otherwise."

For Kaney, her granddaughter was the light of her life.

"I called her Riley-Roo and she called me Mi-Mi," said Kaney. "She loved music. She would listen to music all day long if you let her. She liked to dance. She loved art."

She says her daughter had worked previously as a dental assistant. Recently, she had been working at a bar on the Naval base called The Dive.

"That's where she met this idiot," said Kaney referring to her daughter's boyfriend.

Kaney says Jacob Philip and his daughter started dating in April of this year -- a man she did not think made a good match for her daughter.

"She had come home a couple of times and I saw where he gripped her on her neck," said Kaney. "I said to her I can see he has put his hands on you, and I'm begging you get rid of him because once it happens, it'll happen again."

She says the two moved in together only a few months ago in Sangaree. She says the couple broke up about three weeks ago.

"He had decided that he did not want to be with her because she had a baby, and he didn't want a baby let alone somebody else's," said Kaney.

She said recently Philip came crawling back and her daughter took him back with open arms.

"She said 'Mommy, I can't help it. I think I finally have what you and Daddy have. I have a man that loves me and a man that I love and I never had that,'" said Kaney. "I told her, 'Trust me, baby. You don't have nothing like me and Daddy. Your daddy would never put his hands on me.'"

Kaney says some time Sunday night her daughter and her boyfriend got into an argument after he came home from the bar. From there, Kaney believes her daughter and granddaughter were murdered late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

While she doesn't know what led to their deaths, Kaney says her two girls are now in heaven with her husband.

She says she's grateful for the overwhelming support she's received from her daughter's friends.

"All of her friends are gathering around me -- and I'm thankful for that," said Kaney.

Kaney says a candlelight vigil is scheduled for Friday night in Aiken.