Mom reacts to daughter's 'shed sex' stunt at Home Depot

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Her daughter was arrested Wednesday morning for having sex inside a Home Depot shed display, but today her mother, Sonya Craig, said she didn't do anything wrong.

From the UK's Daily Mail to Jay Leno's 'The Tonight Show,' Emily Craig and her partner in crime, Shaun Bowden, have achieved their fifteen minutes of fame.

An online Taiwanese company, Tomo News, has even created a reenactment of the alleged incident and put it on YouTube.

"They didn't do anything wrong -- sort of," said Sonya Craig, laughing.

Sonya Craig said she isn't sure what to make of her daughter's brief brush with fame.

"I think this is absolutely crazy -- what little I do know about it," said Craig. "It's bad publicity for them, you know. I'm sure Home Depot's not real thrilled with it."

Police said Emily Craig and Shaun Bowden were busted for having sex Wednesday morning inside one of Home Depot's shed displays.

Sonya Craig said she is not surprised by her daughter's alleged actions.

"No, I'm not because she's in a lot of trouble right now, and she's on a spiral downward," she said.

Craig said she has no clue who her daughter's 'male friend' is, but said she is hoping the incident and public humiliation will prompt her to straighten up her act.

"I'm real disappointed in her right now," said Craig. "She needs to get some help."

ABC News 4 did attempt to reach out to Bowden but was unsuccessful. Store managers with Home Depot had no comment on the case.

Emily Craig was charged with being a nuisance and providing false information. Bowden was charged with disorderly conduct for creating alarm and being a nuisance.