Moncks Corner man happy to see Berkeley crew repair downed lines

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) - For longtime residents of the Lowcountry, you know this kind of weather is a rarity. In Berkeley County, a man says it's been a decade since he's seen the kind of damage created by Wednesday's winter storm.

For Berkeley Electric, it's safety first when it comes to working on restoring power and handling downed power lines. Sometimes it's easier when there's a face to the problem and a hand to shake when the work is done.

One of those faces in Moncks Corner is Leroy pack.

"Earlier this morning it wasn't too bad. As it progressed along, you see limbs falling - one, two, three all in a row. They sound like dive bombers coming in and dropping a load," he said.

Pack is hardly new to the area, but the ice storm is a very new sight for him.

"It's the worst ice storm I've seen since I'm living here 30 years," he said. "I'd think Hurricane Hugo, this is the worst since then. I've got as much clean-up here now as that storm in 1989."

Pack was lucky. No one was hurt and he spent the day patiently waiting for help. Lucky for him, a Berkeley Electric crew pulled up in the afternoon.

"The neighbor told them about the down power line that just went down under the tree limb," Pack said.

The tree had caused a pretty widespread problem, said lineman Eddie Plowden.

"We're looking at main three-phase lines. Those were out. Then we are looking at the individual lines to get out and get power to every member restored," Plowden said.

It was good news to Pack.

"We know power outages are a temporary inconvenience and I'll get some exercise when the weather warms up cleaning it all up," Pack said.

For Berkeley Electric, it's an all hands on deck situation. Every employee is working, whether it's in the field or in the office.{}

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