Lowcountry drivers cash in for ethanol free gas

By Valencia Wicker

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- More Lowcountry drivers are starting to buy ethanol free gasoline instead of ethanol-mixed fuel.

"I've found it to be very good for my car," said Julius Scott, a driver who recently started using ethanol free gas.

"I'm getting more mileage. It runs much smoother than before."

V-Go Food Mart is one of the few gas stations in the Charleston area that sells ethanol free gas. Meigul Patel is an employee of V-Go. Patel said nearly 50 percent of the station's customers are buying ethanol free fuel.

V-Go is selling ethanol free gas for about $4.15. That's about 45 cents more than regular unleaded gas. Drivers like Scott say they don't mind paying the extra cash.

"Well, I have to buy gas anyway. So, I'd rather use this where my car runs better," Scott said.

Lowcountry mechanics have seen the damage ethanol-mixed gasoline can do to cars.

"We've seen some stations locally that have had 25-30% ethanol gas," said Cliff Hudson, president of Hudson Import Service. "We actually had customers fill up with that fuel, leave the station parking lot within sight of the station, the car actually shut down."

Local gas stations that sell ethanol free gasoline

Exxon: 2209 Savannah Hwy, Charleston

V-Go: 1127 Savannah Hwy, Charleston

Piggly Wiggly: 1985 Folly Road, Charleston

Exxon: 334 Folly Road, Charleston

Exxon: 5998 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston

Fuel Express: 235 Mathis Ferry Road, Mount Pleasant