Mother of 4 arrested for child abuse

Deanna Brown (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police say a mother of four has been charged with unlawful conduct towards a child after her infant son was found with a fractured arm.It all started on May 27 when police were called to MUSC for a case of possible child abuse.According to a police report, they found the victim, an infant boy, and his babysitter in the hospital room who told police that the baby's mother had dropped off the child at the babysitter's home the morning of May 25th. The babysitter said she ran errands around town for a few hours, taking the boy with her. She said the mother picked her son up around 1pm and she never saw anything wrong with the child except for a couple of bug bites.Police then talked to the mother who said she noticed the night of the 25th that her son "was not holding his bottle with both hands, bug bites on him and she stated she found that to be unusual."The reports say that the next morning (May 26) she found her son was "strongly favoring the right side of his body and some bug bites" were on him.She told police that she sent a text message to the babysitter to ask what happened to him and then took the boy to Nason Medical Center.According to the report, Nason Medical center diagnosed the boy's problems as "nursemaid's elbow" and x-rays showed "multiple fractures to his right arm."Nason referred the infant to MUSC where doctors reportedly found "a spiral fracture which is consistent with someone twisting on the bone before it fractures."The report shows that doctors reported "likely physical abuse - arm twisted by another person who has adult type body strength, causing a spiral fracture."The Department of Social Services was called and they were required to have three of the mother's four children evaluated by MUSC for potential abuse.The three children were placed with their grandmother and now the mother, 31-year-old Deanna Brown is facing charges.