Mt. Pleasant, Charleston voters address change through election

By Stacy

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Like many who call Charleston home, downtown resident Philip Gardener will consider growth and tourism as he heads to the polls Tuesday.

"There's too much congestion for people who live there. It's getting very difficult. We should limit the number of cruise ships allowed in the port and have a few less events that bring in tourists all the time," he said.

Tourism is one of the same issues that's sending taxi driver Derrick Pyett to vote; but he saw it differently.

"It puts more money in my pocket. If we can bring in another cruise ship that'll be more business for me," Pyett said.

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said tourism was one of several issues of which he hoped to find common ground with the new council members. He added flooding and public safety as issues of primary importance.

"It's very important to have, what I do have a have had a positive cooperative relationship with city council," Riley said.

Voters in Mount Pleasant will also head out to vote for mayor and town council members Tuesday.

Mount Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails had some advice for voters and future council members.

"Let it grow, quit complaining about growth. It's coming. Everybody wants to live near the ocean," he said.

Swails said he was proud that during his tenure they had made the town ready for the future.

"We've done enough work on our roads where it'll hold the traffic," Swails said.

Voter Peyton Bradham said his votes would go to the candidates who could continue that growth in a controlled way.

"You have to do those things right. You can't let big money go unchecked when you do developing on a large scale," said Bradham, who said he was born and raised in Mount Pleasant.

You can find a complete list of candidates and more information on all the Lowcountry election races here.

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