Sandy victims to feel the love from Mt. Pleasant Church

By Lia

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - All it took was the voice of one congregation member to ask for donations for hurricane sandy victims, for an out pour of donations from an entire church community.

"I asked the pastor if we could announce it to the congregation and he did," Betty Collins, member of Olive Branch A.M.E. said. "This is happening and we need to do something and we need to do something now."

Collins says she read about the Operation Southern Hospitality at ABC News 4's web site.

"Even before church was over, people started bringing stuff in."

Members opened their hearts immediately and dropped off a truckload and a car load of supplies to our drop off site. Even with this overwhelming donation, this congregation isn't done giving back.

"God says you are to give," church member Hattie Brown said. "This is the way people will get help and they'll be able to come back to their real life."

For Brown, it was the images of the devastation that compelled her to act.

"I sat at my breakfast table to have my breakfast I could not eat. I just sat and sobbed."

Mammie Washington says she recalls Hugo and has family in the area that was hit by Sandy. Luckily, her family has survived.

"We are our brothers keeper and we feel each others pain. When disaster comes we need to be about our brothers keepers."

The congregations donations will leave Wednesday to head to the Northeast.