Mount Pleasant family wins $20K from Piggly Wiggly

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - A Mt. Pleasant mom walked away with more than just a bag of groceries from the Piggly Wiggly on Ben Sawyer Boulevard on Monday morning.{} She took home a $20,000 check.

"It sounds real but you just can't wrap your mind around it," Parker Kaufmann said. "Pinch me because it's crazy."

Kaufmann is this year's Piggly Wiggly Local Since Forever Giveaway winner. In addition to her prize money, she was also able to pick any local school and Piggly Wiggly would donate $5,000 to them as well.{} She chose Moultrie Middle School.

"Obviously, it is one of those things that we could spend it 25 times," Moultrie Middle School principal Anna Dassing said. "It is really a great gift, something that kid of put the icing on the cake for the kids."

Moultrie Middle School is planning to spend the money on an outdoor basketball court, a project school officials have wanted to do for a while. However, they didn't know where they would find the funding.

Kaufmann said she plans to use her money to build a new storage shed and pay for part of her son's college tuition in the future.