Mount Pleasant firefighter's wife overcomes cancer

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- When Renee Thomas lost the last bit of her hair in April to cervical cancer, her Mount Pleasant firefighter husband, Troy, shaved his head with several of his crew members. What they didn't expect was for more than a hundred Lowcountry firefighters to join them.

Fast forward to today - Renee now has a new head of hair and is happy to say she is cancer free since August.

"No sign at all of any cancer in my body. It's just very exciting," she said.

On Monday, the couple dedicated a photograph taken of the entire Mount Pleasant Fire Department with their shaved heads, and Renee from April, to the Hollings Cancer Center.

"We want you to know the Mount Pleasant Fire Department stands with you and we stand proud and tall with all in fighting cancer," Troy said while presenting the photo.

They hope the photograph will serve as inspiration to others who may also have to go through the same struggle.

The couple say they have learned to seize the day and live like there is no tomorrow. They would like to serve as mentors to those who are going through the same battle.

"I can't imagine going through without support of some kind. If we can be that for someone else that's what we want," Renee said.