Mount Pleasant remembers Peyton Moore

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Mount Pleasant is mourning the loss of a 9-year-old who encouraged everyone to be their best.

Pictures and memories are what remains for the family, friends and classmates of Peyton Johnson Moore.

The 9-year-old died recently following complications from a seizure.

Moore posed in every picture with a cool smile. He was a boy who loved football, the Boston Celtics, and track and field.{}

"Peyton won his first javelin throw and he immediately knew he found something he loved to do," said his coach Michael.

He was an 'A' student at Mount Pleasant Academy, but above all else, Moore loved running.

"Peyton loved to run in the rain -- the harder the better," said his father, Noah Moore.

It was the young Moore who inspired his parents to keep running.

"Peyton changed lives and changed them for the better. For that, there can be no argument," said Richard.

Moore was also a boy who was always ready to lend a hand and admired those in the Armed Services. He once raised{}$15,000 for the Injured Marines Semper Fi fund.

The Marines acted as honorary pall bearers at Peyton's funeral.

"When Peyton began his marathon he asked if he could raise money too. He told his dad, he says, 'Because Marines need help, too, Daddy."