Murder for hire target in court for suspect's hearing

By Eric

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Federal hearings in a murder for hire plot continued Tuesday in Charleston.

The man officials say first told them he was involved in the scheme pleaded not guilty.

Nancy Latham, who federal agents say was the target in the murder for hire plot, returned to federal court as well. For the second day in a row, she watched as one of the suspects investigators say planned to kill her appeared in court.

"She is anxious, concerned, and ready to move on with her life," said Tim Madden, Latham's divorce attorney.

Madden spoke to ABC News 4 on Latham's behalf after the arraignment.

Meanwhile, in court Aaron Russell Wilkinson pleaded not guilty to four charges, including two counts involving conspiracy to commit murder for hire.

According to federal indictments, Wilkinson was pulled over in Charleston on April 5. He then confessed to being involved in a plot to kill Latham. Officers found a gun and box of ammunition on Wilkinson at the time.

Agents say Samuel Yenawine helped recruit Wilkinson to commit the murder. They were going to get paid as much as $30,000.

Wendy Moore and Rachel Palmer have also been charged as conspirators in the murder for hire plot.

"The criminal charges continue to accumulate and there continues to be the unresolved question of to what degree, if any, was her husband involved in this process," Madden said.

As she exited federal court, Mrs. Latham again declined to comment on the case

Chris Latham, Nancy Latham's husband, allegedly had an affair with alleged conspirator Wendy Moore. Mr. Latham has not been criminally charged.