Murder suspect scuffles with deputies; refuses bond hearing

James Carpenter is charged with murder.

By Nikki

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV)A man charged with beating and strangling a young woman refused to face a judge in bond court Monday night.

James Carpenter, 33, is charged with the murder of Jasmine Marrone, 21. Deputies made several attempts to bring Carpenter before the judge; however, officers say he fought with them.

"He became combative when we took him out the cell. When we got to the hallway, he started becoming combative more. We had to take him to the ground. He's back in his cell," said one deputy to the judge.

Friends of the murder victim say they had hoped to look Marrone's accused killer in the eye. That chance will have to wait for some other time.

"I wanted him to have to see my shirt and look me in the face and him to know that she was loved!" stated Pam Norkett, wearing a shirt that read 'We love you Jaz.'

Friends say Jasmine once lived in the Lowcountry for several years. She left South Carolina in January to be with her mom who lived in the Nashville, TN area. She recently returned to the Lowcountry to visit friends and was said to be staying temporarily with some of them on James Island.

Around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, John Benton says Jasmine stopped by his house with Carpenter inside her black Nissan 240SX.

"They just said they were going to hang out and might go to a bar. She introduced him as a friend," said Benton. "He was kind of standoffish, kind of shy."

Those who knew Jasmine say she trusted people easily and that it may have ultimately been her downfall.

"Jaz never met a stranger. She made friends very easily. Her Charleston family is suffering pretty badly right now," said Norkett.

On September 23, Summerville Police say they arrived at the Shell/Circle K Gas station on North Main Street where they found Carpenter with Jasmine's car, his clothing covered in blood. They were initially called to the area for a possible intoxicated individual.

Officers say they asked Carpenter to get out of the vehicle, at which time they observed blood on his shirt, belt, and the front of his pants. A check of Carpenter's criminal history showed that he had an outstanding warrant from Texas. When officers attempted to detain Carpenter, he attempted to flee.

Police say they then opened the passenger door of the vehicle to locate a registration for the car and noticed more blood along with a discolored human foot protruding from underneath the blanket.

Carpenter was questioned about the body and police say he responded by stating that "She hit me and I hit her." Police say he answered additional questions with "I don't know." Located inside the vehicle, police say, was a small sledge hammer.

"Jaz couldn't have done anything to deserve this. This was uncalled for," said Katrina Benton. "She was just a wonderful girl."

With so many questions left unanswered, her friends say they hope Carpenter stays behind bars where he belongs.

"He has hurt so many people with one thoughtless, careless, inhumane action," said friend, Morgan Anderson.

Friends say Jasmine had planned to return home to Tennessee next Tuesday.