Murder suspect to victim's family: 'I'm sorry'

Shooting victim, Rodriguez Henderson

By Nikki

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) Family members of a teenager shot and killed this week say the accused gunman was his own friend.

A judge on Friday denied bond for 23-year-old Terrance Lance. He's charged with the murder of 19-year-old Rodriguez Henderson.

"I need to have justice and that's why I'm here tonight for what's right and wrong in America," said the victim's stepfather, Corey Hamilton, in court.

Lance stood silent as Henderson's family spoke about their loss.

"In America, you just can't go around taking someone's life," said Hamilton.

The life of a family member gunned down, the life of a friend lost -- the suspect surprised the court with his own words Friday.

"It wasn't supposed to happen the way it did. But I just want them to know, I apologize for y'all's loss, too. That was my friend, too," said Lance.

The shooting happened Thursday before noon on the 2700 block of Saratoga Street.

"I heard three really quick pops," said neighbor Mark Mohlen.

Mohlen lives on the street where police say the shooting took place and says he found Henderson lying in the yard next door to his house.

"He was just laying their barely moving. He was trying to move. I looked at him and I saw the blood and I just thought to myself, he's dead," said Mohlen.

Police say Henderson died from a gunshot wound to the head.

"I was there when he passed at the hospital," said the victim's grandmother, Helen Green.

Green says Lance is no stranger to her family. In fact, she says he would often eat over at her house.

"I was totally shocked by what happened," she said.

Green says she suspects there was some disagreement between the two friends.

"It really didn't have to go this far. They could have squashed this stuff," said Green.

Even as her heart aches for the sudden loss of her grandson, she does forgive the man police say cut Rodriguez Henderson's life short.

"But I will never forget it," said Green.

Lance's next court date is scheduled for May 17.