Murder trial of Michael and Thelma King to start Tuesday

By Valencia

ST. MAARTEN (WCIV) - The murder trial of 3 men accused of stabbing to death a Mount Pleasant couple is set to begin Tuesday.

September of 2012, Michael and Thelma King were found dead in their beach front home in St. Maarten, an island in the Caribbean.

"This shouldn't happen to anyone let alone to a nice couple like the Kings," said Taco Stein, Solicitor General in St. Maarten.

Stein called the crime scene horrific. It took investigators several weeks to find the 3 men they say are responsible, and even longer to piece together how the crime took place.

"One of them started out making statements but, later on in the investigation he decided not to answer any questions," said {}Stein. "So, we had to literally piece together the evidence from the crime scene based on the partial statements they made we did a re-enactment."

Stein says after a confession from one of the suspects, investigators were able to re-constructed the crime scene.

"We do have more than enough in this case but, it is not an easy conviction. These cases are never easy of course," Stein said.

Stein says the St. Maarten court system is different than in the States. He says the case will not be heard by jury, but only by a judge and investigators.

"The whole investigation is heard in court by the people who've actually done the investigation. They question them and in our case the whole investigation has been written down in formal reports and affidavits and so on and so on," Stein said. "We'd done it before hand throw reports to the defense so that they can study it and that report will be discussed in court."

Stein says the suspects face up to life in prison. A sentencing hearing is set for May.

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