MUSC Children's Hospital celebrates 25 years of caring

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Medical University of South Carolina was filled with chaos, canines and a congressman as the children's hospital celebrated its 25th birthday Thursday.

In the spirit of a Hollywood premiere, MUSC Children's Hospital patients wore glasses, boas and party hats while they strolled down the red carpet to watch a music video starring them and their providers. Even the therapy dogs wore their party clothes for the occasion.

While the celebration marked a quarter of a century in the building, many staff members have been with MUSC much longer.

"We're not here to celebrate the structure or the hospital, we're here to celebrate 25 years of caring, 25 years of people investing their lives in other people," said Representative Tim Scott.

Rep. Scott donned a party hat along with MUSC staff members and led them in a festive singing of "Happy Birthday." The song was repeated by LPN Deborah Oliver who was introduced as someone "who can actually sing." Oliver has been working at MUSc for 35 years.

A ninth grader who has been a patient at MUSC since she was a baby addressed the crowd and introduced a special video made for the occasion.

"MUSC really means a lot to me and my family," she told the crowd. "The doctors and nurses and staff are really special people and they're really nice and caring. They really take the time to bond with you, not say 'this is what's going on' and give you your medicine."

The video presentation showed the silly and serious sides to caring for children at the facility as they sang and danced along to the Darius Rucker song "This."

"It's our 25th anniversary so we hope it goes out to at least 25,000 people," said John Sanders, MUSC Children's Hospital Administrator. "We've got a great story here at MUSC and we want everybody to know about it."