MUSC debuts Urban Farm


CHARLESTON, S.C.{} (WCIV) -- Did you know there is a half-acre, sustainable farm in downtown Charleston?

MUSC's Urban Farm held an open house Thursday to celebrate its first season. They invited the public to come by for farm tours, cooking demonstrations, tastings and hands-on educational sessions.

"We're trying to teach the community, our community and the Charleston community about the connection between food and health," said Dr. Susan Johnson, Director of the Office of Health Promotion at MUSC.

The farm boasts more than 40 varieties of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and even fruit trees between its spring and fall seasons.

Dr. Johnson said she wants the farm to be a community project. Volunteers who work on the farm are given some of the produce to take home. She has also been able to donate food to those who need it most, like the Lowcountry Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Hope Lodge and the Children's Garden Project.

The space was originally planned to serve as a decorative green space for the next five or 10 years, but the architect on the project suggested it be used for farming.

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