MUSC, SC hospitals collaborate to reduce costs

CHARLESTON,S.C. (WCIV) - Five of South Carolina's largest health care providers haveteamed up to help drive down care costs, including MUSCHealth in Charleston.

The othermembers of the collaboration are Greenville Health System, McLeod Health,Palmetto Health, and Self Regional Healthcare.

CEOs of thefive partnering healthcare systems said they were interesting in finding a wayto reduce the costs of care while still remaining independent, saying changesin the system from the Affordable Care Act have shifted a hospital's attentionaway from the fee-for-service model and to a more service-valued model.

"The futureof health care is collaboration and by working together with these other greatinstitutions, we can deliver lower health costs while maintaining our highquality standards. This unique collaborative will set a new standard of healthcare delivery not only in South Carolina, but it also serves as an innovativemodel for the nation", said Patrick Cawley, M.D., MUSCHealth Medical Center CEOand MUSC Vice President for Clinical Operations, and a founding member ofInitiant.

The agreementallows the member hospitals to collectively buy equipment, supplies andservices, share administrative and clerical work, and boost access to criticalskills.

MUSC's Boardof Trustees approved the collaboration during its April 11 board meeting.

Severalother states have created similar networks, including Georgia, Missouri andIowa.{}