Hospitals snap on pink gloves for breast cancer awareness

Hospital staff put on their pink for breast cancer awareness and a shot at $10K

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- With the competition for $10,000 heating up, the gloves are 'on' at three local hospitals.

Medline Industries is holding the Pink Glove Dance Competition and you can help choose the winner by voting for your favorite "Pink Glove" dance video online. The first place prize is $10,000, second place is $5,000, and third is $2,000.

Colleton Medical Center unleashed a pink poodle in their special-effects laden video to the tune of Katy Perry's "Part of Me." It showcases a patient's journey from diagnosis to treatment as hospital staff show off their dance moves. One employee busts out his breakdance moves while another, dressed as "Cancer," takes punches while another dressed as a "Survivor" emerges victorious. They tell ABC News 4 that if they win, they will donate their prize money to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Also using "Part of Me" as their theme song, MUSC is in the competition for their chance at $10,000. Highlights include a pink-pawed therapy dog joining in on the fun and an impressive shot of a Dragon Boat crew rowing through the Charleston harbor. A representative for MUSC says their winnings will go to a local women's charity "The Point Is."

North Charleston is represented as well by Trident Medical Center. Their video tells cancer to "Evacuate the Dance Floor" courtesy of Cascada. Officials say if they win, they plan to donate the money to a local charity called "Share Our Suzy" which helps breast cancer patients focus on treatment and recovery and not just the financial stress of the disease.

Voting for the Pink Glove Dance Competition will close at midnight Oct. 26. The three winners will be announced on November 2.