MUSC Trustees oppose merger with CofC

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Board of Trustees at the Medical University of South Carolina opposed a merger with the College of Charleston in a unanimous vote.{}

One member, Michael Stavrinakis, abstained from the vote.{}

According to a release from MUSC, the trustees received feedback from several interested groups at its meeting Thursday night, including the faculty Senate, the president of physicians, several deans, and members of the Student Government Association which included three CofC alumni.{}

"All agreed that while economic development and support of the business community is an important collaboration for MUSC, a legal merger would not accomplish economic development without seriously jeopardizing the futures of both schools," the release reads.{}

The trustees found that during merger discussions, the committee exploring the option found other less costly and more palatable options for the two schools. The group determined that greater collaboration between MUSC and CofC would be best to boost the development of the Lowcountry.{}

To read the entire report, click here.{}

The two schools have approached the topic of a merger for decades, but nothing ever materialized until recently when the idea picked up more vocal support of Charleston Mayor Joe Riley and a bill calling for the merger was filed with the South Carolina State House.{}

That bill was co-sponsored by Leon Stavrinakis and Jim Merrill. It was also backed by Speaker Bobby Harrell.

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