MUSC: We're prepared for a massive emergency like Marathon

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Monday's Boston Marathon bombings caused more than 140 injuries and 3 deaths. Experts said those who were at the marathon were lucky; medical staff was already there and that saved lives.

"They had an immediate response," said Medical University of South Carolina's emergency preparedness director Brian Fletcher.{}"If it had been down the road, we could have lost a lot more people."

Fletcher said his staff prepares with disaster drills and certification classes. A{}lot also have military experience, which makes them more adept at triage situations.

But could they handle a worst-case scenario event like at the marathon? Fletcher said they face that question at events like the Cooper River{}Bridge Run every year.

"We have paramedics on bikes. We have people along the route walking. There are nurses and physicians. We have other EMTs and paramedics staged in various locations along the walk," he said.

Changes may be in store for the run and other events, but they are ready to respond, he said.

MUSC partners with Charleston County EMS for large events like{}the Bridge Run. Fletcher said they always have extra staff available should a major emergency occur.

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