3 dead in North Charleston shooting; 1 person detained

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Three people were killed Saturday in a shooting outside of the Cycle Gear Shop in North Charleston, police said.

Police said one other person is being treated for a non-life-threatening gun shot wound.

The Charleston County Coroner said Maurice Horry, 41, of Columbia, was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound. Theodore Waymyers Jr., 36, of Summerville, and Carlos Davis, 39, of Columbia, were both pronounced dead at the hospital from gunshot wounds.

A spokesperson for the North Charleston police department says the four people were shot outside the store when an altercation between two groups escalated into a shooting.

Crowds returned to the area as a man was taken away in handcuffs outside the shop.

"I thought it was some type of gathering as I was approaching, not realizing that it was it was a gun fight at the O.K. Corral or something like that," said motorcyclist Auser Vandross.

Vandross, who said he's a frequent customer of Cycle Gear, was on his way to the store when he arrived to find the parking lot blocked off with yellow crime scene tape.

"We gather here as a community. We are a tight-knit community. Most of the motorcyclists in this town, we all know one and other," said Vandross.

Vandross said the scene makes him leery as a customer.

"I've heard heated arguments before, but nothing that would call for gun play. I'm a little bit concerned and worried about the people who work here because I know most of the staff. I'm really hoping that none of them are hurt or hit or involved," said Vandross. {}

The shooting also created a long afternoon for bank customers unable to leave as police scoured the area for evidence.

Many of the people in the crowd said they would like to see the violence end in North Charleston, but are skeptical things will change.

"No one is really involved; no one's doing anything about it," said Juel Roper, who works in{} Brentwood Shopping Center.