N. Chas City Council approves police in schools and the cars they'll ride in

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- At Thursday night's meeting, North Charleston City Council approved a resolution assigning police officers to elementary schools in the city.

The vote was pretty much just a formality since officers have been in place since December 19 and the finance committee had already approved the funds to make the move.

North Charleston Mayor Summey said hiring 21 full-time officers will cost the city about $2 million for the first year. The money will be taken out of the general reserve balance. After that, the average cost for the officers will be $1.5 million annually that will be worked in the annual budget.

The council also passed a resolution to approve the purchase of 20 Chevy Tahoes that will be used by those school resource officers. those cars will cost about $544,000 and will be{} purchased from Crews Chevrolet.