NAACP questions sheriff on deputy-involved shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- For three hours Dot Scott reviewed 911 calls and dash cam video from the moments leading up to when deputies shot and killed Derryl Drayton after a domestic dispute with his sister.

"My question is not: what was the ethnicity of the shooter," said Scott, the president of the Charleston chapter of the NAACP. "What the officer did is what we have questions about. It doesn't matter what color he was."

Dash cam video release Monday shows an officer driving up to the scene.

"Things had shifted to threatening himself and then he turns and runs away from them [the officers]," said Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon.

Initially Cannon says the shooting took place after Drayton threatened to commit suicide and stabbed a deputy. Tuesday, Cannon clarified saying a female officer asked Drayton to drop his weapon and not harm himself.

"At best we can tell, the knife was probably thrown and stuck in the deputies knee. It was a puncture wound," Cannon said.

Drayton suffered seven gunshot wounds.{}

Scott says she questions whether a thrown knife is reason to kill a suspect.

"This situation did not say to me, 'This guy should not still be living,'" Scott said. "The question needs to be asked: what went well? What could have gone better? What could have gone different? Because I believe that's where there lies an answer."

Scott, along with other leaders of the NAACP, will hold a press conference Wednesday morning.

The officers involved in this shooting were put on administrative leave.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating. {}

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