Naked man says clothes disappeared while he was swimming

AWENDAW, S.C. (WCIV) -- A missing North Charleston man is back home after he was found walking naked along Highway 17 in Awendaw Thursday.

According to Charleston County deputies, the 31-year-old man told deputies he had been swimming in a pond and lost his clothes. When deputies found him after calls of a naked man on the highway, he had a towel covering his lap.

The man told deputies he was walking back to his home in North Charleston and believed he may have been walking for three days, adding he'd had very little water.

It turns out, the man had been reported missing.

The man told deputies he had not taken his prescribed medicines in three days and asked for EMS. The man was taken to Roper Hospital in Mount Pleasant before deputies handed him over to North Charleston police who took him home.

He has since been taken off the missing person list.

The report on the incident does not mention a deputy-led search for the naked man's clothes.