Natalie Caula produces "Remembering the Nine"

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV)-- Ahead of the Monday, June 18 airing of the ABC News 4 special "Remembering the Nine," reporter Natalie Caula appeared on Lowcountry Live. Caula produced the special program from start to finish.

"Remembering the Nine" addresses what happened at the Sofa Super Store in West Ashley on June 18, 2007. Officials said the fire began when packing material and furniture ignited. The fire resulted in a flashover and roof collapse, which trapped and killed nine firefighters.

The special program details the events of that day and the results of a lengthy investigation. Family members opened up to ABC News 4, as did neighbors who live next door to the former store site.

"I think it's important, again, because so many people can forget something like this," Caula said. "We need to remember their sacrifice."

The Charleston Fire Department graciously worked with Caula to chronicle the events of five years ago.

"I know it's difficult to talk about," said Caula. "They do it because they know it will help the community continue to heal.

"These guys, every day, take these nine guys with them."

You can watch "Remembering the Nine" Monday night at 7:30 on abc4. We will also be streaming the program live at on our live stream channel.