National Guard steps in to clean Georgetown, fundraiser planned

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- The National Guard has moved in on Front Street in Georgetown to help with the removal of fire debris in the water. "We looked at using a private contractor and the cost of doing that was about four times the cost to have the Guard do it," said Georgetown Mayor Jack Scoville.

He says the guard will stay as long as it takes to clear out the debris that fell into the water. "This includes freezers, refrigerators, coolers, chairs, tables just all sorts of junk and stuff that's down in there," said Scoville. Scoville says the Guard is only working on the parts of the site that's been cleared by the Department of Health and Environmental Control."There may be some more testing that has to be done; they've cleared a couple of the sites there for debris removal because no asbestos was found," he said. While the Guard takes aim at cleaning under the Harborwalk, a new Fire Relief Fundraiser is planning to rock Front Street. "It was a hurtful thing for me to see that happen here so I had to do something," said Walter Hemmingway, the band leader of the Root Doctors.

Hemingway is a Georgetown native and he's joining another Georgetown native, retired NFL Linebacker Ervin "Blue Print" Parker, for the Cornhole and Music Festival.

"I want the victims of the fire to be able to put something under the tree for their kids or their grandkids and that's what it's all about with me," said Parker.

Scoville says the Guard will remain in the city until the clean up is finished.

The cornhole tournament and music festival will take place on Saturday, Nov. 23.

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