Happening tonight: the N.Charleston State of The City Address

By Tessa

NORTH CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV)-- It has been one year to the day that Mayor Keith Summey delivered his last State of the City. Thursday night, he will re-cap 2011 and look ahead to the next eleven months in his 2012 State of the City address.

But,{}how much did he get accomplished{}in 2011{}and just how many issues still remain on the table?

Highlights of 2011 included the arrival of Southwest Airlines, a new community center for upper Dorchester Road, the first planes assembled at Boeing, new road and housing projects and more.

Issues that fell a little short of becoming a reality and may be included in this year's address: the building of a wind turbine facility spearheaded by Clemson University. Talks stalled last year when the city and the state of S.C. couldn't reach an agreement over land allocated for the facility. The state wants to now use part of that land as part of a new rail yard that will run through the old Navy base. Summey pledged to continue to fight that battle.

Then there's the issue of bringing casino boats to North Charleston. Summey made that a part of his 2011 re-election campaign and the city has yet to get the ball rolling on{}that.

The city did accomplish the goal of finishing the design phase of a new Public Works facility. Mayor Summey admitted in last year's address that the city had not kept up with that project like it should.

Mayor Summey will give his State of the City tonight at 7pm in City Council chambers. It will be streamed online at

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