NCPD cracks down on 526 traffic violators

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) If you speed or drive recklessly on 526, brace yourself for a ticket. North Charleston police are trying to keep you safe.

Police are paying extra attention to the heavily traveled stretch of roadway following two fatal accidents.

On Wednesday, police started patrolling parts of the interstate around 6 a.m. By noon, they had issued a total of 238 tickets. One person was arrested for having a stolen license plate.

"We've got people in 55 mph speed limits traveling 75," stated Maj. Coyle Kinard with North Charleston police.

These speeders have other drivers in defensive mode.

"People are weaving in and out and you got to slap on brakes and all this kind of stuff," said driver Dorothy McCord.

"There's nothing that is so urgent or important for that to ever be expectable," said driver, June Fleming.

With their blue lights and cars in full view, these officers' presence is no secret.

"We decided to get out here and do operations periodically at a time. We did one last Friday," said Kinard. "This morning we were out here at 5:30, you know, preparing for the start of the early traffic."

Last week, police responded to two fatal accidents on 526 within 24 hours. While police say alcohol was a factor in one case and reckless driving in the second -- both serve as reminder for drivers to drive responsibly.

"All we do is ask that people slow down and buckle up," stated Kinard.

For anyone traveling 10 to 15 miles over the speed limit, police say they're look at an $82 ticket. Anything over 15 miles per hour starts at around $130.