NCPD: Rowdy crowd shatters cruiser window

File (WCIV)

{}NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- North Charleston police responded to reports of a large crowd that refused to disband at Tia Banquet Hall on Rexton Street.According to an incident report, the crowd was in a vacant lot at the corner of Rexton St. and Carver Avenue.The officer reported he parked his car with the police lights on and as he got out of the car he heard a "muffled pop and glass breaking."The officer said he ran for cover behind his cruiser and saw that the passenger window was shattered and the crowd was now running towards Rivers Ave.After calling dispatch and telling them his window had been shot,{} backup officers arrived and am investigation found that it was a rock that had shattered the window and not a bullet.Damages to the vehicle are listed as $250.