Neighborhood takes to Facebook to put a stop to thieves

By Ava Wilhite

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) In Brickyard Plantation open garages are not uncommon but, a recent rash of break-ins has neighbors changing their relaxed attitude.{}

"Normally I'm not that concerned about locking up around here, but now I am and it's during the day. So, you worry when it's that brazen to do something during the day," said Susan Kelly.{}

Kelly says she was alerted about the most recent garage break-in by an email blast from the homeowners association.

"I was glad they sent it out because the kids obviously live in the neighborhood and someone should recognize them. So, hopefully they will find out who it is," said Kelly.

According to the homeowners association, the most recent pair of garage thieves were caught on camera. The association posted information about the alleged thieves, who stole a case of beer, on the Brickyard Facebook page.

Association President Joanna Hoover says the next day the beer was returned to the owner along with an apology note. A few hours later the victims of the beer theft sent a picture of the alleged thieves to the Facebook page, which was also posted.

"This garage was closed, all the doors were locked and they got into it. So we felt that there needs to be some sort of accountability because it wasn't just a random open garage," said Hoover.{}

Hoover was hopeful the thieves would turn themselves in, but they didn't and the pictures were turned over to police. Hoover says it's just not enough to return the beer with an apology.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.