Neighbor: 'You see flying roaches and bugs'

By Valencia

WANDO, S.C. (WCIV) - It's typical for parents to gather on Hillridge Road in Cainhoy to meet their kids at the bus stop, but it's what their children are forced to look at and smell that has them in an uproar. {}

"It's the first thing you see," said Helean McGee, who has lived in the area all her life. "It makes everybody else house look like, what kind of neighborhood is this they living in."

Just feet away from the school bus drop off is a house with a massive pile of used mattresses, cribs, chairs and broken electronics in the front and back yards.

Hank Jackson with the Berkeley County Code and Building Department said Edward Martin is the homeowner. Jackson also said the department has been dealing with complaints since last October.

"You see flying roaches and bugs. You see all of that. And, those mattresses do stink when it get hot," said Barneatha Williams, who lives in the neighborhood.

Neighbors say initially the junk was stored in the back yard where Martin would burn the debris. But, recently neighbors say the mess spilled toward the street

"He comes here in like the evening time and he'll bring mattress after mattress," said Williams. {}

"It's going to be in the road after while," said McGee.

The neighborhood is home to dozens of small children and young families.

"He cuts off the cloth off the mattresses and takes it to the scrap yard," said one woman who didn't want to be identified. "He makes $500 a week and he's putting our kids at health risk and everything else."

But, neighbors say no price can excuse the sight or the smell of extreme hoarding.

Jackson says Martin was ticketed last week but failed to show up to court. Now, there's a bench warrant out for his arrest.

"When they find him they need to make sure he clean all this stuff up and then lock him up," said McGee. "This is ridiculous."

Jackson says Martin faces more than $1,092.50 in fines and possibly jail time.{}

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